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Sell gold in Ottawa | Cash for gold Ottawa

Cash For Gold Ottawa

There are a lot of Ottawa cash for gold locations to choose from if you’re looking to sell your gold. We help you take the hassle out of finding the best match for what you have to sell. Browse the below Ottawa gold buyers – they are all reputable and will give you great rates.

What They Buy:


    • 440 Laurier Ave. West
      Ottawa, ON, K1R 7X6
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 275 Slater St #900
      Ottawa, ON K1P 5H9
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 1902 Robertson Rd #202
      Ottawa, ON K2H 5B8
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 1309 Carling Ave
      Ottawa, ON K1Z 7L3
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 377 Churchill Ave N
      Ottawa, ON K1Z 5C4
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 281 Montreal Rd
      Ottawa, ON K1L 6C2
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 372 Bank Street Ottawa
      ON, K2P 1Y4
    • Gold
    • Contact Now

Canada’s capital city is Ottawa, home to the houses of parliament and the country’s federal government. A lot of people think Toronto is the capital. They are in the same province and Toronto is the biggest city; a real melting pot of cultures. Ottawa, however, is a cultural center filled with a blend of new and old buildings, home to the National Art Gallery, and also a place to sell gold for cash.

Cash for Gold Ottawa

What might a person need cash for in a hurry? If he lives in Ottawa he might be paying for a transit card, a parking fine, or a speeding ticket. Rent and house prices are high, so monthly rent or mortgage payments are steep. He could be planning a day out with all of his family to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum or renting bicycles to ride along Rideau Canal. With some careful planning and by saving articles of jewelry that no one needs or wants, funding festivities or paying penalties is less financially punishing than using a credit card and paying the bill later. Go out with cash and cover all your expenses on the day.

Sell Gold Ottawa

Gold dealers in the city and its outlying regions near Alta Vista, Bayshore, and Nepean pay cash for gold, diamonds, platinum, and/or silver. Each store is a little bit different and might be very particular. Certain stores are too big to deal with small-time customers handing over a small bag full of broken chains. Their customers are selling investment-level loads of gold. Others deal in the small kind of transaction every day.

It is the small deal you want because that way this exchange is neat and tidy; quick and simple. You hand over gold. The dealer gives you cash. If you sold gold bars valued at several thousand dollars, you could expect to receive a cheque. There is no quicker way to make money; at least, not a legal one.

Dealing in Gold, Ottawa

Is this kind of exchange legal? Surely there is more to the transaction than that? You are right. Gold dealers are business people and they run licensed premises where they show you their credentials for assessing the value of gold. It’s not a simple matter of weighing the stuff: experts have to decide if your unmarked piece contains 100% gold or 60%: it’s karats, essentially. If this is marked on a necklace or a plate that makes the job easy, but a lot of scrap gold (such as crowns for teeth) is not marked that way. Only an expert can see with his naked eye what sort of gold he will be dealing with.

Then he must understand his market: who buys which sorts of gold (yellow, rose, and white) or silver, platinum, and gems. It’s not likely he will hold onto the gold he buys: this metal is going to be recycled in all likelihood. Unless you are trading in an item of beauty and artistic or historic value, the dealer foresees a trip to the furnace for your broken chains and watch straps. Jewelers frequently purchase gold to melt for their own creations. With your scraps of gold chain and earring posts he fashions a one-of-a-kind pair of wedding bands.

Going Beyond Ottawa

Numerous stores right in the city deal in gold and cash constantly, but Ottawa is very close to the Ontario-Quebec border. It is an easy matter to cross the bridge at Hull and find a Montreal dealer instead. Even if you like the prices quoted you by Ottawa vendors, do not let that stop you from shopping around unless the matter is urgent and you need money today. In that case, finding a legitimate company boasting great customer reviews is as good a place to obtain funds as any. Even if some other store would have paid more, the difference will be small and prices change daily as gold gains ground or loses it on the stock market.