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Cash For Gold Halifax | Sell Gold Halifax

Cash For Gold Halifax: Find Halifax-based Gold Buyers

Finding a reputable cash for gold Halifax location isn’t as hard as it used to be. There are some great companies that you can visit and choose from if you are looking to sell your gold in Halifax. We’ve put together a list of Halifax gold buyers. If you find one you like, please send them a note and get in touch.

What They Buy:


    • 7001 Mumford Road
      Halifax, NS, B3L 4N9
    • Gold, Platinum
    • Contact Now
    • 1658 Bedford Highway
      Bedford, NS, B4A 2X9
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 264 Bedford Highway, Suite 100
      Halifax, NS, B3M 2K7
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 103 - 30 Damascus Road
      Bedford, NS, B4A 0C1
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 639 Portland Hills, Unit B 103
      Dartmouth, NS, B2W 0J7
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 6257 Quinpool Rd
      Halifax, NS, B3L 1A4
    • Gold
    • Contact Now
    • 1461 Brenton St
      Halifax, NS, B3J 3S7
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 1903 Barrington St
      Halifax, NS, B3J 3L7
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 647 Bedford Hwy, Suite 101
      Halifax, NS, B3M 0A5
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now

A fantastic reason to swap old gold you don’t want for cash you need is that the transaction takes place quickly. Assuming you only want from $20 to a few hundred dollars, there is no waiting time: just a straight up swap. Hand over your metal and the gold buyer puts bank notes in your hand. There is a good number of Halifax cash for gold locations for you to choose from when selling your gold.

Cash for Gold Halifax

You might own jewelry someone in the family used to wear but has discarded and it doesn’t mean anything to you. There could be scratches, a pendant missing gems, or the catch on a bracelet might be broken. Why fix stuff you will never wear? Create a pile of items and if the pile is large enough, break piles into sections according to how pure the gold is. A karat valuation refers to the purity of your alloy, except 24k which is pure. When there is no time limit and you are not in a hurry to make a sale, give yourself the chance to research the market for used gold pieces. Some of the things one finds in an estate are actually worth more as antiques than they are for their weight because, though made of inferior materials, collectors love the style.

Sell Gold Halifax

The major Halifax vendor in this field is located about a mile from Dalhousie University, and Saint Mary’s University is roughly one mile south as well with a number of historic or tourist oriented sites like the sea front also nearby. Young adults run short of cash too quickly: it’s a refrain their parents hear often. When college students need a few dollars for rent money, to buy groceries, or to tour attractions and pay for the ferry over to Dartmouth, they might take a collection, gathering single earrings and scrap gold from friends to exchange for money instantly.

How Swapping Gold for Cash Works

Walk into the cash for gold shop and consumers might be surprised that it is not seedy. This is no pawn shop and you aren’t arranging a shady loan. Exchanging gold for money is a type of transaction taking place every day. Your exchange is just smaller than the big gold investment purchases wealthy people make to put money aside for retirement. The vendor will be happy to weigh your gold pieces on a scale right in front of you to prove he is not messing with weight to cheat you out of a few dollars.

The purity of gold in karats will also be ascertained by an expert. When weight and purity are established, you usually view a chart showing how many dollars are paid per gram based on karats, a fee that changes with the stock market. There might also be a special price for coins or dental gold plus levels of payment for white, rose, and yellow gold.

Reputable Dealers in and Near Halifax

The main dealer in Halifax is BBB-accredited, which is somewhat reassuring given that it would be hard for the average person to know what a fair price for gold really is. As long as the company you visit measures gold up front, pays you in cash for your gold right away, boasts a BBB symbol or at least a business license, and the exchange feels right, there is nothing illegal about the business. In fact you are recycling. Many consumers will only buy jewelry made from recycled silver, platinum, or gold. Do you have some of these other metals lying around? Ask if the dealer will give you a price for them too. You should never feel pressured to make the sale: business people know that you have to get the best possible price the same as they do and respect your cautious approach.

Other locations to sell your gold

Being from Halifax originally, we decided to make sure to review some companies here, however we also have a lot of other cities that you can choose from here at Trusted Gold. If you’re in and amongst Toronto – including Brampton, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and Markham, we’ve got you covered as well.