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Cash For Gold Edmonton | Sell Gold in Edmonton

Cash For Gold Edmonton

People who don’t live in Alberta associate Edmonton with two things right away: cold weather and Edmonton Mall. Some might even think of the Oilers hockey team. What they might not realize is that Edmonton is a major city and, as such, is home to services that all major cities have, including gold exchange shops. Browse the below list of Edmonton cash for gold locations to find the best spot to sell your gold.

What They Buy:


    • 1923 98 St NW
      Edmonton, AB T6N 1L5
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 16108 Stony Plain Rd
      Edmonton, AB, T5S 2C3
    • Gold
    • Contact Now
    • 76 38 Ave NW
      Edmonton, AB T6K 3Y7
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 10447 124 St
      Edmonton, AB, T5N 1R7
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 947 Ordze Rd
      Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4L7
    • Gold
    • Contact Now
    • 7915 104 St. NW, Suite 104
      Edmonton, AB, T6E 4E1
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now

Cash for Gold Edmonton

As the recession deepened for Canadians, they were driven to find innovative ways of surviving. Many jewelers and pawn shops started offering money for unwanted gold. They didn’t care if the gold was in good shape or not: it was the purity and its weight that mattered. Some of these stores have been around for a long time and continue to trade cash for gold. Now, as this trade loses its stigma, consumers realize they don’t have to be desperate; sometimes they just want to know what they can do with old, unwanted metals. With Edmonton Mall to explore — its rides, swimming pool, and shops – one could easily use the proceeds of a gold exchange to pay for a wonderful family day out.

Types of Shops

Certain shops specialize in buying and selling gold bullion coins and bars or trading in collectible coins for investors. They might also help out consumers with scrap gold. Edmonton’s major gold dealer is situated in the heart of the city and draws clients from every direction: St. Albert to the north, Woodbend in the south, Ardrossan east of Edmonton city, and Spruce Grove over in the west.

Find out if you can trade in other precious metals and varieties of gold. Determine what these companies need you to do prior to coming in. Remember that you are under no obligation to accept the price given you at a location: feel free to shop around. All the vendor asks is that you sort your gold according to karats and bring in two pieces of ID if you plan to make the sale. You could earn almost 100% of gold’s spot price: its daily value on the market.

Sell Gold Edmonton: What Types Qualify?

A surprising fact in this type of exchange is that the trader does not want your gold for its beauty. Unless this is a jeweler or antiques dealer hoping to mark up your item and make a profit by cleaning up your item, he is more likely to melt and re-use it to make jewelry or will sell it to a firm that melts gold. Recycling gold is more environmentally acceptable to numerous customers who are strongly against gold-mining practices but love pretty things.

Your gold can be in terrible condition. The shape of it might be strange and its style out-dated. You could be staring at a downright ugly piece of jewelry never destined to accessorize an outfit in your wardrobe, wondering why grandmother ever wore such a thing. An item’s ugliness does not mean a thing to an Edmonton gold dealer. All he sees is the weight of gold on a scale and its purity.

Prepare to Make Money

Since this is the case, isn’t it worth checking out the junk you have not had the heart to throw away including broken things? Is there a necklace without its clasp? Is a ring missing its setting? Perhaps one earring from a pair has gone missing. Separately these are worthless pieces, but together they weigh enough to pay you anything from around $12 for a gram of 9K gold to over $30 for 24K articles. Those prices do not include Maple Leaf coins measuring an ounce or less. Coins weighing less than an ounce are paid for by weight but 1-ounce coins net a value per individual piece. If granddad left some of these lying around and you wonder what to do with them, visit your Edmonton gold dealer and get an answer. Even if you don’t make a deal that day, the business owner will probably love to hear your stories about eccentric old grandpa.