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Cash For Gold Calgary | Sell gold in Calgary

Cash For Gold Calgary

Finding the best gold buyers in Calgary can be a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve taken most of the effort out of the search for you. Here are some of the best Calgary cash for gold companies there are.

What They Buy:


    • 909 17th ave. SW
      Calgary, AB, T2T 0A4
    • Gold
    • Contact Now
    • 103-4014 Macleod Trail SE
      Calgary, AB, T2G 2R7
    • Gold
    • Contact Now
    • 1608 A Centre St. NE
      Calgary, AB, T2E 2R9
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 17 Ave SW
      Calgary, AB T2T 0A4
    • Gold, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 1506A 14th St. SW
      Calgary, AB T3C 1C9
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 1717 10th Street Northwest #102
      Calgary, AB T2M 0P4
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now

The idea of living in Calgary seems wonderful until you price up rent, transportation, and food. Then you realize that Calgary, like all large cities in Canada, is an expensive place to put down roots. Maybe you can get by most months but once in a while a bill arrives from out of nowhere for a child’s uniform, car repairs, or to fix a leak caused by piled-up snow. It’s tempting to sign up for a payday loan, but wouldn’t it be better to get cash without the price of interest? That is where a “cash for gold” store can help you out.

Cash for Gold Calgary

The idea is simple: you find all items in your jewelry and keepsake boxes and take them to a reputable vendor. The vendor gives you money in exchange for these items. She might even accept silver, platinum, or gems if you have any lying around. Jewelers who make custom items in a workshop on the premises will sometimes purchase gold this way, melting it down to create new works of art: broaches, pendants, and rings. A lot of interest has risen up around recycled gold given the huge damage mining has caused in gold-rich parts of the world. Usually, though, it is a specialty store where consumers in Calgary bring their scrap gold; one that deals in metals as investment commodities.

Sell Gold Calgary, but Not Just Scrap

Most items the average person brings to a dealer are considered “scrap” or unwanted pieces of gold, silver, etc. They include broken or unclaimed pieces of jewelry such as wrist watches, rings, and odd earrings. Some consumers have acquired more substantial items such as bullion coins and bars of 99.9% pure gold. If you have a single bar and a few coins, these items would probably not be worth storing in a safe and trading for big money for retirement. Right now you need rent money and school fees are due. A gold trader takes recognized gold bars, sterling silver, silver rounds, and more. Fees for gold change daily as the market price fluctuates.

How to Swap

A few of these stores run websites and list their hours of operation online so you can find out their opening hours and terms of exchange. This is also a chance to find out what their reputation is and how long a firm has been established in Calgary. Most such businesses aim to be honest with their customers and perform transparent transactions at every turn. It’s the rare individual who wants to con you out of your fair exchange price.

The policy of fair vendors is to weigh gold in front of the customer, not in a back room where some might be siphoned off or the clerk can make up a weight well below the real value of a collection. A business license and professional atmosphere should reassure you that everything is above board.

Legitimate business people welcome your curiosity and questions relating to the transaction. They also understand that you might feel like holding onto the gold and viewing prices around Alberta as you visit various cities: Red Deer, Edmonton, and Banff perhaps. If you have the leisure to do so, take your time over this transaction. When you choose a place to do business, the owner will need to see ID, so make sure you bring two pieces with you like a passport and a driver’s license. That’s the law.

Learn about Gold

Just to be safe, even if the shop has a good reputation, learn about the gold market in Calgary and find out more about gold itself. What is a karat? How pure is your gold and what difference does this make the price you will receive? Karats refer to how pure gold is, so 10k is only worth, say, $14 per/gram while 24k scrap gold fetches about $34 per/gram. It’s surprising how much precious metal is lying around people’s houses when they really start looking. Take advantage of the windfall.