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Cash For Gold Brampton | Sell Gold in Brampton

Cash for Gold Brampton

Helping you find the best Brampton cash for gold company is what we do best. Browse our list of gold buyers in the Brampton area and get in touch if you have any questions.

What They Buy:


    • 269 Queen Street East
      Brampton, Ontario, L6W2C2
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 73 Main Street North
      Brampton, ON, L6X 1M8
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 253 Queen Street East #3
      Brampton, ON L6W 2B8
    • Gold
    • Contact Now
    • 7700 Hurontario St #311B
      Brampton, Ontario L6Y 4M3
    • Gold, Platinum, Silver
    • Contact Now
    • 9025 Torbram Rd
      Brampton, ON L6S 3L2
    • Gold
    • Contact Now

When recession hit Canada, a spate of shops offering “cash for gold” sprung up around the country to join existing services. In Ontario, there are dozens of such shops including about 10 in Brampton. Gold holds its value such that, should you need money in an emergency, it’s handy to have some around in order to make a quick exchange for cash. Investors do this on a big scale with large firms, agents, and transactions in the thousands of dollars. Regular individuals engage in similar transactions, usually to the tune of tens or hundreds of dollars, enough to keep the landlord at bay until pay day.

Brampton Cash for Gold: How it Works

If you have gold to sell, gather it up and bring it to your chosen shop. The manager will weigh your gold and give you a sum of money according to its weight and purity. You know the purity of your gold if it is stamped with a number and the “k” for “karats.”

We have a list of cash for gold Brampton locations at the end of this post. If you’re looking for other suburbs you can check out where to sell gold in Toronto. We have reviewed Markham and Richmond Hill as well.

Measuring Karats

Karats represent the percentage of actual gold that has gone into making an item of jewelry or other gold piece. The highest purity is 24k or pure gold. A measurement of 10k says your item contains 41.7% gold and the rest is a cheaper metal. Together they form an attractive alloy.

A typical chart shown at the “cash for gold” store might show that 10k gold is worth $15.75 per gram, 14k will net you $22.75, 18k is worth $28.50, you get $34.75 for 22k per gram, and 24k gold is valued at $40 per gram.

Sell Gold Brampton: Select a Shop

Browse the various stores either via internet or by visiting them in person and write down the information you find there. Does the company have a business license? What do they pay per gram? Do they accept just gold or can you exchange silver, platinum, or diamonds for cash as well? Maybe you need a loan, not cash: is there an option to exchange gold for a loan arrangement?

Vetting stores online gives you the opportunity to read reviews, but there are few reviews on the internet for these stores. Talking to people might give you more information.

What Will Brampton Cash for Gold Stores Accept?

It’s not just the family jewels a shop will pay you money for, and if you are in possession of something very special you should probably consult someone else. These companies value gold by its weight, so they don’t care what it looks like. Some of them could be prepared to offer more for an antique or a watch in excellent shape as this will increase its resale value, but they sell most of their gold to people who recycle it. Consequently, it doesn’t matter if your gold watch fails to run. Chains with no clasps are still worth their weight in gold. Find all of your dental crowns, coins, and bracelets. Bullion is also acceptable.

Is This Safe?

You have to realize: these companies need to make a living, so they aren’t giving you the full market value for your items. They will be selling them on. Also, non-legitimate companies spring up which is why you have to investigate the background of a store before swapping gold for cash. While you will always walk away with money, you want a fair price from an established, respected, and reputable dealer.